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Global Human Body Models Consortium  

      Welcome to the web site of the Global Human Body Models Consortium. GHBMC is a consortium of seven automakers and one supplier to consolidate their individual research and development activities in human body modeling into a single global effort to advance crash safety technology.

Fiat Chrysler Automotive U.S. LLC, General Motors Corp., Honda R&D Co., Hyundai Motor Co., Nissan Motor Corp. Ltd., PSA Peugeot-Citro´┐Żn, Renault s.a.s., and Takata Corp. are all members of the Global Human Body Models Consortium , which created a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in April 2006 following three years of organizing and planning. GHBMC plans to build over several years a family of virtual humans, from children to elderly. All have pledged to develop by 2011 the first set of human digital models of different size and gender. After the first phase, the project envisions spending several years to develop these models.

PDB (Partnership for Dummy Technology and Biomechanics)
FORD Motor Co.
NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)


  • Announcement - ELEMANCE LLC has been selected as the GHBMC's sole licensing source and interested Academic or Commercial license seekers should contact ELEMANCE LLC at www.elemance.com
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